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Photography 101 Pho, Ph p1 p101

Anything to do with Photography
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Amazon.ca: bicycle handlebars: Sports & Outdoors
Amazon.ca: bicycle handlebars: Sports & Outdoors
I really like this! I'd so love to get it for my 400mm..   Bemyar™ Gimbal Head – Bemyar™ | Photography Gear


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Landscape Photography.  Digital photography tricks. Creative digital photography techniques don't have to be difficult or tough to learn. Typically only a few simple alterations to the way you shoot will dramatically boost the outcome of your photographs. #photographytricks
A Beginner's Guide to Waterfall Photography from Guest Blogger Mike Ince | Photo featured: Michael Ince Photography

Nature Shoots

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SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Review | Astrophotography Tracking Mount
Meteor and Milky Way over the Alps    #NASA #APOD #Astronomy Picture Of the Day

Space & Astral Photography

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Bridge to nowhere!

Industrial Structure

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Pinterest can be great tool for businesses. Are you unsure about how to use Pinterest to help with your clients and your local photography business? Click here for some tips!
Want to take night photos of scenery? Here are step by step directions for how to use the manual settings on your DSLR to set your exposure correctly.
Night Photography iso and shutter speed settings for nikon and canon...

Night Shoot Dark Shoot

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Jordi Puig 🐨📸 on Instagram: “Celebrating 500k🚀🎉🎉 My best ideas so far. Which one is your fav? 🙌  #teamwork @a_puigba @fbatllo8 . . .  #landscape_mf  #visualambassadors…”
Get rid of wonky color casts by fixing your white balance in processing. This photography editing tutorial walks you step by step how to fix color casts in Lightroom or ACR - great for beginners!
Drops on #Glass - Crayons  Susan Littlefield explains how to get the shot - click through #DIY #tutorial

How to's Tips & Tricks, h2 How 2 t&t T&T

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Poses para Fotos Largas
Special 11 day old rainbow baby boy Grayson and his studio newborn photo shoot with Sunny S-H Photography Winnipeg
do this not this!

Portrait Family, Senior, Teen, Portrait & Baby Poseing and Settings

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I'd love to photograph this... KenteK Cascade of Lava: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park by Michael Shainblum #photography #lava #volcano #adventure #Hawaii
Canadian Nature: Amazing Landscape Photography by Stacy William Head #inspiration #photography

Landscape, Scenery, Panorama, Sunsets, Skylines

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The Laowa 24mm f/14 2x Macro Probe is a 'Weird but Revolutionary' Lens
Great lighting device for close up and macro photography.
50mm 80mm 120mmOrcaTorch ZJ15 Ball Joint Arm Camera Tray Holder Bracket for Underwater Scuba Diving Dive Photography Flashlight

Macro & Miniature Photography M&M m&m MMP

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Neat idea, capture the town you live in as well as when visiting new places!
10 Photography Lessons From Ansel Adams

Projects, Training, Challenges, Assignments

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Start Your Own Real Estate Photography Business:Amazon:Kindle Store
There are lots of unique ways to earn extra money. Here's what you can do to…
You can almost make money photographing anything! #photography #momtographer #workathome #affiliate

Just Business

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Coat closet turned photography equipment storage.  Shelves added, $3 spice racks from Ikea serve as storage for lenses and other gear.
small-02-IMG_0597-be #cameraequipmentorganization #droneimagestechnology
AMKOV LENS  -  OX5 1080P WIFI H.264 / MOV 20 Mega Pixels Camera Lens 120 Degrees Wide Angle

The Camera

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The Godox AD200Pro offers 0.9sec recycle, 1/10th stop adjustments, better colour and uses the same heads as the AD200 - DIY Photography
YONGNUO YN600L II White 5500K Pro LED Photography Video Light Studio Light

Lighting, Flash & DIY Hacks

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Great interchangeable photo idea!
Toss the Boring Frames: How to Transfer a Photo onto Wood...
Gratefully Vintage- Antique Ladder Decor

Mounting & Framing

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Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone capturing life’s moments on your phone camera, these 12 quotes will inspire you to capture the little moments and see life with new eyes.
#photography #inspiration #quotes  http://instacanv.as


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Learn how to shoot in manual mode (and grab a manual settings cheat sheet!)  in this beginner photography tutorial! We’ll cover everything you need to know for manual photography: the camera settings, the camera aperture to use, your ISO settings, and more!
Learn How To Shoot In Manual Mode - ISO, Aperture & Shutter Speed Explained Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture ... To be comfortable shooting manual you will need to know what your necessary adjustments are. Though these settings are all numeric, there isnt some insane math equation that you need to do to find out what to dial them i

Get Off Auto, Ussing Manual Settings

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DIY Photography Hacks - DIY Macro Diffuser - Easy Ways to Make Photo Equipment and Props | Photo and Lighting, Backdrops | Projects for Shooting Best Photos

Hacks, Gadgets 'n Stuff

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Photography Tips | Beautiful examples of black and white photography and tips for beginners.
Rescue photographers: don't fear the black fur! We have some tips for effectively photographing our raven-coated friends.

Go Black, and White

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7 Ways to make your Story Relatable and Sharable with Visual Science

Do Tell a Story With Pictures

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Tiranty Summa Report 6x9 camera
Ihagee: Exakta VX IIa (stereo outfit) camera

Vintage Cameras & Equipment

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Who needs a digital camera nowadays when you have a smartphone. Just when you thought you needed to purchase external devices such as fisheye lens or tripods, now, there’s an alternative solution! In this video, the guys at COOPH demonstrate some creative smartphone photography tips and tricks that you can do with
macro photography of posed scenes... sideways thinking! A new way to look at our world creatively.

Playing with Smart Phones

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Having an overhead camera rig can be useful for certain types of photography, including product shots, how-to images, and food photos. If you enjoy the cha
Great storage feature
Seamless corner to floor 2 wall background

Studio, Back Drops, DIY's and such

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How I Got a $600 Lens for $164. How to save money buying used photography gear like cameras and lenses. Buy. sell, trade, review of mpb.com. Equipment, Canon, Nikon, Sony, DSLR, mirrorless, tripods, accessories, backpacks, filters, deals, savings, sale. #loadedlandscapes #photography
How you shoot through glass and avoid the glare. This extra large lens shade helps protect from glares while shooting through glass..
Astrophotography on a budget


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8 Tips to Photograph Dogs on the Move, Pet Photography, Pet Photographs, Animal Pictures, Photography Tips
7 Pet Photography Tips to Capture Your Furry Friends' Personality
10 Tips for Creative and Clever Pet Photos: Canine Edition


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Oh my gosh! I NEED to do this! I had no idea that jump drives and hard drives were not the best way to store digital photos!  I want to keep all my family history and memories forever.
Photo Organizing: Do you really need to keep all those photos? | GoodLifeOrganizing.net
Photo Hoarder Reform School: A Step by Step Guide to Managing Your Digital Photos | ThePhotoOrganizers.com

File Formats, Storage Software & Memory Cards

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