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Haha :) oh snape.... :(

The real reason Harry Potter's mom was the best potions student. (i love the look on severus's face)-I like to think that Lily was great at potions on her own and Snape just perfected his potions ability as a way to impress her.

Everything can be related to Harry Potter! I Love It!!!

Disney NA - Narnia: It all makes sense now.Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders, and Lucy found Narnia first. I knew it all the time.

"The public's in danger!" "My evening's in danger!" "YOU TELL ME WHERE MY SUIT IS, WOMAN! We are talking about the greater good! I am yo' wife! I'm the greatest goooood you're ever gonna get." best quote ever.


Ok, this is hilarious :) worth a read<<the real reason Dwarves and Elves don't get along.

Two of the most traumatic deaths of my life  :'( along with Fred and Dobby!

The Lion King one is true, but I really do cry because of Sirius's death, and Harry's reaction only makes me cry harder