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Jaromír Schoffer
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1521—Bergamo, Italy: Lorenzo Lotto’s painting, Madonna and Saints, in Bergamo’s Santo Spirito, includes a depiction of an angel playing what is probably a trombone (see detail and full image below; public domain) (Berenson, 51, pl. 119).

Santo Spirito Altarpiece (Enthroned Madonna with Angels and Saints) - Lorenzo Lotto. Oil on canvas. 287 x 268 cm.

esta pintura relata el bautizo de Jesús a los hombres y mujeres de Belén

A cotton-candy sky paints the setting for Veronese’s depiction of the baptism of Christ. The Baptism of Christ, 1580 - Paolo Veronese.

Lorenzo Lotto

The Martinengo Altarpiece is an oil painting completed by the Italian painter Lorenzo Lotto in Now it has been housed in the church of Santi Bartolomeo e Stefano, Bergamo, northern Italy.


see site for many more - 1895 - Cusack's freehand ornament. A text book with chapters on elements, principles, and methods of freehand drawing, for the general use of teachers and students . by Armstrong, Charles