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Nanbaka Fanart 28 - 1115 fanart 14 by zweinszwolf on DeviantArt

Read ♥ Imagen (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ♥ from the story Imágenes Y Razones para Shippear Nαηβακα 』 by -HakuLoidSama- (❀ « P A N

Lol girly and girly voice I don't know what ep it is

Nanbaka Fanart 54 - 1115 fanart 26 by zweinszwolf on DeviantArt

Art by Zweii Zweii: Quick art of chibi Uno X Jyugo i drew on the letter to I'm very glad that the package and the letter arrive safely this time to you .

Junjou Romantica. Junjou Egoist. Junjou Terrorist. Usagi- san. Nowaki, Miyagi, Misaki, Hiro- esn and Shinobu

Nowaki, Miyagi, Misaki, Hiro- esn and Shinobu

Rivaille (Levi) x Eren Jaeger #chibi

Levi: *thinking* I can do this! Eren: Oh, hey Levi. Levi: *places crown* chu~ *quickly walks away* Eren: w-wha