once upon a time...

Bloso Outdoor is an outdoor sports facility near the Belgium village Hofstade. This is the place of the well known abandoned outdoor swimming pool with it’s characteristic buildings.

Awesome stairway in an abandoned palace in Poland!

“Step in, break through, take the stairs to the stars” -Samael Photo: stairway in an abandoned palace in Poland; Warm Shadows by Pati Makowska on

Chateau de l’écolière (FR) by Juized, via Flickr

Silent Keys ~~ Old, Forgotten Piano sits at the bottom of a Beautiful Staircase in an abandoned building. So sad the piano was forgotten! I would just love to fix it up and play a symphony on it!

Abandoned at Bedtime ~ when I see pictures like this, I think they had no idea they wouldn't be returning.

L'opinió n posin d'acord somniem. Sunrise lighting up one of the bedrooms at the long abandoned Maison Kirsch. Explore # 09 on

Abandoned Corridors by Florence Caplain, via Behance

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