Láska prochází žaludkem

Jak krásně se dá nachystat jídlo pro našeho partnera + inspirace ze světa romantické gastronomie.
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Tyhle super vegetariánské těstoviny vypadají nádherně. http://HarmonickyVztah.cz

20 Minute Lemon Broccoli Pasta Skillet-This super easy vegetarian pasta is a quick meal for a busy night! The broccoli and spinach keep it healthy, and the garlic, lemon, and red pepper make it extra tasty. A great last minute dinner for weeknights

parádní bruschetový chleba, třeba zase na oblíbenou snídani. http://HarmonickyVztah.cz

Breakfast Bruschetta Bar

Feed a houseful of hungry guests the easy way, without standing behind the griddle for hours. By letting them help themselves from a gorgeous selection that offers something for everyone. The strategy: you do the setup and they do the serving.

Zdravá snídaně. Skvělý způsob, jak se nastartovat do nového dne. http://HarmonickyVztah.cz

Breakfast Bowl [vegan, gluten free]

Quick and easy, vegan and glutenfree Breakfast Bowl. My personal favorite: oats cooked in coconut milk with a hint of maple, fresh berries and almonds. Sprinkled with nut butter and coconut flakes.

Tohle by se mi líbilo na večeři. http://HarmonickyVztah.cz

Brown Butter Scallops with Parmesan Risotto

So Luscious! So Fancy! Say hello to this bowl of scallops + risotto that is about to take you by storm with all of its brown butter glory. Brown butter is just the beginning, er,

Luxusní zeleninový salát. Láska prochází žaludkem. http://HarmonickyVztah.cz

31 Delicious Things To Cook In May

Everything Avocado Peas Sprouts Black Beans Radish Spring Farmer’s Market Salad

Grilovaný lilek se salátem. Láska prochází žaludkem. http://HarmonickyVztah.cz

Jan 20 Miso Glazed Eggplant Kebabs with Kale Seaweed Salad

Soft, roasted eggplant with a delicious caramelized miso glaze baked right in. A fun twist on a traditional Japanese dish - the skewers let you get more sticky glaze in each bite! Shared by Where YoUth Rise

Pizza se salátem. Dal bych si někde na zahradě u ohně. http://HarmonickyVztah.cz

Flatbread Salad Pizza with Pesto, Shaved Asparagus, Mushrooms and Feta

Pull this crispy Flatbread Salad Pizza with Pesto, Shaved Asparagus, Mushrooms and Feta together in 15 minutes flat.

Tohle musí chutnat výborně! http://HarmonickyVztah.cz

‘Breakfast In Bed-Fest’ -“Berry Breakfast Parfait with Vanilla Cashew ‘Yoghurt’”

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