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Oh I call him daddy all the time now. Lol when we in public I whisper things and he gets mad so I always tell him "Does daddy need to express some rage?


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Pink Rose Spiked Slave Collar  Faux Leather by NecroLeather

I craft this cute and pretty kawaii / pastel goth spiked slave collar with a black vegan leather band, pretty pink flower lace, black steel cone

(Ddlg rp) I yawn as daddy picks out my socks for me. "Cmon kitten, legs ups," he murmurs softly, rolling my socks up to my thighs. I make sleepy grabby hands at him and he picks me up, hoisting my legs over his hips as I wrap my arms over his shoulders. He starts walking to the kitchen to get breakfast, letting my press my face know his neck tiredly. (Written by milkyglitter)

{DDLG rp: Be him?} I watched as you slide my thigh high up my leg "Thank you daddy" I giggle into one of my stuffies I had cuddled in my arms "Diaper check as well?" I ask as I part my legs, waiting for you to check