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rings of Saturn. The wonders of the universe, space oddities, stars, planets, cosmos, galaxies, nebulas and cosmic inclinations.

Tranquil The surface area of Saturn's moon Mimas is composed of water ice with only a small amount of rock. Yet Saturn's resonances with Mimas, and Mimas' resonances with other orbiting satellites are instrumental in the formation of Saturn's rings.


WE SHOULD HAVE AN ANIME CLUB.cuz anime teaches you things life forgot to.>>> There's actually an anime club at my college XD

Kuroko no Basket...Like kids...CUTE!!!! (EXPLOSION)

chibi cute anime kawaii book sweet kuroko no basuke kuroko no basket Kiseki No Sedai Kuroko Tetsuya Aomine Daiki Kise Ryouta murasakibara midorima kise kuroko akashi aomine murasakibara atsushi midorima shintarou akashi seijuro edit by kadrena