Emma The Mmer

Emma The Mmer

Hi, I soo LOVE Marcus & Martinus, anime style, kawaii, MLP... I will happy, when you will follow my profile 😉 and I'm weird 😂
Emma The Mmer
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Sugarmoon pony artist ❤

Sugarmoon pony artist ❤

wheres rarity>> She was Nightmare Moon at the time. The rest of the Mane 6 were captured by the dark forces of the moon. Sorry if that was a spoiler, I just couldn't help it.

RARITY DO THIS! < ------------ fluttershy must have got the candle and pillows cuz she was being good

Queen Chrysalis she is literally so cool.

Queen Chrysalis she is literally so cool. Oh you betta believe she is. Alass she's been hurt by celestia to be so.

MLP: DUSK and FiM alicorn comparisons by KPenDragon on deviantART

Huge file is HUGE just as a warning. Well…idk, I just felt like comparing the FiM Alicorns with my DUSK Alicorns. Yes, I shoul. MLP: DUSK and FiM alicorn comparisons

READ THIS --> As many have pointed out, I know "she wont out live her friends". I know that the writers have said that. But is that really such a big deal when watching fan work? If you do think...

One thing, Twilight is not immortal because she was made into a alicorn not born one like Princess Celestia and Princess Luna -actually, because she was made a alicorn, she is now immortal. She is alicorn now even if she was made one. So she is immortal

The Times We Share by Tim015.deviantart.com on @deviantART. NO. WHY? I really, really hope Twilight isn't actually immortal.

:'( So Sad BTW, I Didn't Make this! Alicorns live a lot longer than regular ponies, if they're not immortal, I'm not sure. But Celestia and Lunar are both over a thousand years old. That means Twilight will have to live a long time without them

Βρέθηκε στο Google από τον τομέα deviantart.com

Βρέθηκε στο Google από τον τομέα deviantart.com

Fractured loyalty by *FoxInShadow on deviantART

Mirror on the wall, here we are again.You've been my only friend You told me that they can understand the man I am. So why are we here talkin' to each other again