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Dominika Kadlečková

Dominika Kadlečková
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I kinda died a little

"Demonstrating proper swimming technique after a cancelled football/soccer game." / This guy is amazing./ Can't stop laughing. he should be a swimming coach ;) this has got to be the worlds best alltime ever gif

Poor Pluto

Aww Pluto :(( I take personal offence to the fact that they have declared Pluto is not a planet. oh Pluto! you'll always be a planet to me!

Ha. True

I shouldnt laugh at this, but I do find it very funny to picture some people falling down the stairs in a slinky fashion.

Czech republic, Benesov

Ireland>>Ohio>>Colorado>>> Washington-state>>TEXAS♡>>Virginia>> Manitoba>>Canada>>New Jersey>>Utah>>ILLINOIS❤️>>NorthCarolina~California✌️mississippi!

Love it

Two headed baby turtle ! Two headed baby turtle was found at the Water World aquatic farm at Wuwei town in Anhui, eastern China.