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In March, Siberia's Lake Baikal is particularly amazing to photograph. The temperature, wind and sun cause the ice crust to crack and form beautiful turquoise blocks or ice hummocks on the lake’s surface. //So pretty EL//

The Northern Lake Baikal is famous for it’s unnatural beauty. During the winter, the turquoise Ice cubes are formatted on the top of the lake. Located in Siberia, the Baikal lake creates these stunning turquoise ice cubes.

Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 Italia Photos and Specs. Photo: Ferrari 458 Italia configuration and 28 perfect photos of Ferrari 458 Italia

Lamborghini Aventador | Top Luxury Brands #best #luxury #sport #car #brands

Print Tech Lamborghini Aventador: Print Tech is a German aftermarket company that specializes in foil wrapping. Recently they revealed this stunning looking L

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Luxury homes, luxury cars, money and power. Lavish lifestyles to aspire to.

The Lamborghini Aventador has a top speed of one tester clocked over mph) and can accelerate from kmh in seconds.