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Children and teachers are working!#CorinthClassroom#education

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We are getting more familiar with Corinth Classroom . It is really enjoyable !

Yes !! We had a computer which has Windows 8 and we are trying to upload our photos and Corinth classroom objects!!

My students chose an object from Corinth classroom as a group. Then, they worked about it. So they will present it to their teachers and classmates

Our science and English teacher tell their subjects by using Corinth classroom.


Today we finally got started to be familiar with what the software can offer to us. The absolute favourite was the leaf close view.

City of Seattle

Work at class could be fun! Anyway, Corinth Classroom in action, right now!#CorinthClassroom#education#children#project CorinthClassroom CEO#edufun

Corinth Classrom is in Turkey now!#CorinthClassroom#education of 21st century#pin and like!