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I love spiders ! Funny memes ,art depiction,and real photos of spiders

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by Igor Siwanowicz ( spider + skull ) Cool Insects, Bugs And Insects, Les Reptiles, Reptiles And Amphibians, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Beautiful Bugs, Beautiful Pictures, A Bug's Life, Animals Of The World

Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens - from the

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Scientists have unearthed a completely new species of spider hiding in sand dunes on the Israel-Jordan border. With a legspan that stretches inches, the spider, called Cerbalus aravensis, is the biggest of its type in the Middle East. Spider Species, Giant Spider, Spider Webs, Spider Costume, Homemade Halloween Decorations, Cool Bugs, Bitsy Spider, Jumping Spider, Wild Creatures

8 Smiling Spiders That Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy - WebEcoist

Spiders who bear smile-like markings are much more than an Internet meme and they're not here to make you laugh, either. Just the opposite: these spiders' bold faces serve to scare and confuse potential predators. Happy now?

Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula ~ Habitat: terrestrial ~ Native Origin: South America ~ Adult Size: leg span of inches ~ Temperature and Humidity Requirements: with a humidity of I have one of these beautiful spiders. Mine is still small but getting bigger Tarantula Habitat, Tarantula Enclosure, Pet Tarantula, Rose Hair Tarantula, Scorpion, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Beautiful Bugs, Bugs And Insects, Fauna

The Truth About Tarantulas

Tarantulas belong to the family Theraphosidae. Here are the habits and traits the nearly 900 members of this family share.