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Jensen as Castiel gif

Gif from a panel talking about Misha trying not to laugh and keep it together while screw with him on set.


supernatural mixed with tangled crying with laughter supertangled <------almost spat my coffee onto the computer screen!<< Sam and Flynn look perfect though!


Oh my god. I am laughing soooo hard right now! This isn't even that clever, it's just hilarious! I think we can all agree that those two would do a better job in that film

......... This fandom.

This fandom.<< "What a beautiful fandom" said the fangirl to a fanboy "and yes, it's not a shame, not a shame the fandom's got plenty more.

[gifset] Dean Winchester logic! You have to love it <3 9x23 Do You Believe In Miracles #SPN #Dean

[gifset] Do You Believe In Miracles I really feel like at some point in season 10 Dean is going to kill Crowley and become the king of hell because he thinks Crowley isn't doing a good enough job