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Beskyds: Places to see

Here you will find all of the things that I have found interesting to do within less than 40km (25 miles) of Frydlant and Ostravici. Tried and tested. For more info check out my blog which is linked to my pinterest profile and or contact me on my Facebook page Beskydy Family Travel.
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Any child / teen / adult learning to ski will find this ski park absolutely wonderful. Here you will find everything for learning including instructors who are young, fun and speak English. You can get a one on one lesson for under 500kc an hour. The little ski park for learning is only 100kc entrance fee, there are ski rental centre on both sides of the parking lot. This is the perfect place for getting started. The slopes are fun too for any amateur skier (like myself) and totally…

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The single trails park also provides plenty of scope for walking and exploring the Bila mountain. The website is in English and the area is easy to access by car and there are regular busses up there too.

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Bila is a great day out in the Beskydy mountains. The park is 290kc per child, adults go for free. It is perfect play area for children from ages 3-10. You can easily spend a while morning there, eat lunch at one of the two restaurants and continue on into the afternoon.

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Avion Shopping Park

If you fancy a day out doing some shopping avion is the place to come. There is a enclosed and surveilled play area for kids (3-10) (pictured here) which is fun for them for an hour or two while you can grab a coffee or enjoy some time in the shops on your own. The price to have one kid watched for one hour is less than 3 euros. It's perfectly safe an the staff are friendly, young and speak English or are willing to try. They need your ID and will take a photo of you and your child for…

Dolni Vitkovice

'Dolni Vitkovice', Ostrava: explore the industrial past of Ostrava. It has been set up for tourism and this is a great exhibition. Hours of fun for all ages.

Cieszyn/Cesky Tesin - the most confusing place I've ever visited :-) a fun video by a fellow traveller and blogger.

Pustevny, arguably one of the most picturesque places I have ever been to in winter - even a professional photographer for Zeplin, a friend of our's agreed. Tragically in 2015 this restaurant burned down in a deep-fat frying incident... So it is currently being rebuilt. Pustevny is still beautiful. I will say when this place has finished being re-built.

In the Czech mythology, Radegast is the God of hospitality and mutuality… This statue is on Pustevny. There is also the beer Radegast. :-)

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Single trail mountain biking in Bila. Along with the play area for children which is a lot of fun there is also a chair lift on the other side of the road which will take you up to the top of the ski piste and you can chose from two tracks. I enjoy down hill mountain biking though I am not that good - I have only been on the free run - blue is still too scary. It was set up by a Scottish Single trail company and really it' slots of fun. At most it's 100kc a pop.

Hrad Hukvaldy I Castle Hukvaldy

Hukvaldy Castle. Great day out in all seasons. The walk up to the castle is very pretty and quite a work out. The food up there is usually quite limited so take a snack or go after a meal. The castle is very fun and cool - kids will love exploring. Some of the higher parts of the castle really are scarily high - I tend to cling to my kids a bit - quite thrilling - totally worth a visit! :-)

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