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Beskyds: Activities

These are some of the things we get up to round here, mostly they are made more accessible if you know where you are going and who to go to. Please feel free to contact me for questions.
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Fishing! This is a region full of beautiful rivers and every village and town seem to have a shop selling fishing tackle. Two interesting links I have found are both in Czech only though so you may need google translate - or let us organize this for you and we will point you in the right direction! and

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Lysa Hora, the highest ,mountain in this area, is 1324m high and in winter many people climb up it to ski down it after a bowl of soup and a beer or a hot wine. Stunning views and it's pretty to look at from afar.

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Olesha play park in summer - surrounds a large lake and is next to a large indoor and out door pool.

Science and Technology Center Ostrava - direct link to their website. Amazing exhibits and truly worth a visit. Click visit to see more.

This link will take you to a top ten highlights of Ostrava in German. A blog made by fellow world traveller. Quite honestly I think their top ten is very well put together. The Svet Techniky comes highly recommended though their website certainly doesn't portray just how interesting and fun this place is for adults and children alike. This is the website link:

Divadlo Antonína Dvořáka

A most beautiful mini theatre where the prices are mini yet the atmosphere and talent is awesome!

Beskydy route planner - easy to use and you can organise your own trip. :-) perfect

Climbing areas - one in Ostravici and the other in Trojanovice (at the foot of Pustevny). Great fun for kids 6+.

Pustevny from the top where the lift drops you off. Just gorgeous!!

On the chair lift up to Pustevny - gorgeous all year round.