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Vegan Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cake

Five layers of cotton candy colored creaminess and cake! This vegan ice cream cake is a delicious summer dessert featuring my favorite So Delicious products.

Death By Chocolate Poke Cake

Take my advice . y'all might wanna sit down for this one. And say a prayer. Ask for forgiveness, because what you are about to see is a sin, I'm sure! You have to make this Death By Chocolate Poke (Chocolate Frosting For Brownies)

These are MIRACLE muffins!!! Incredibly rich and loaded with dark chocolate…

These are MIRACLE muffins! Incredibly rich and loaded with dark chocolate chips, what really blew me away is how healthy they are. Each muffin has only 75 calories and net carbs, but they pack 10 (Dark Chocolate Paleo)

Cookie Monster Popcorn

Yummy and adorable Cookie Monster Popcorn - sweet and salty popcorn mixed with mini cookies and googly monster eyes.A fun anytime snack that would also be a great Party food at a Cookie Monster Birthday Party or a Sesame Street Birthday Party.

No-Bake Cheesecake Bars

No-Bake Cheesecake Bars - these babies are just the right amount of sweet, have a nice buttery graham cracker crust, and are surprisingly firm like actual cheesecake. Top them however you like - fruit, chocolate sauce, or caramel and sea salt!

Flower Shaped S'more Pie Pops

Flower Shaped S'more Pie Pops Recipe - ADORABLE summer dessert idea and they taste sooooo good! What a fun and delicious little treat to make with the kids!

Quick and Easy Nutella Mousse

***Quick and Easy Nutella Mousse (No Bake) ~ this 3 ingredient dessert will win you over immediately. Nutella Mousse is a quick, easy, and delicious dessert!