Obrazy ze dřeva

It is interesting to see how the style I pioneered (folded and old wood) calls himself an apostle of all new and progressive and trumpets his world or its…
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a wall made out of different types of tiles
Landscape in gray
as an illustration in the book Mystery of Wood, M.Patřičný
a wooden sculpture made out of wood and glass
Space for game Prostor pro hru
Závěsný objekt, kombinace dřev
a circular mirror made out of tiles on the wall
a round wooden mosaic on a white wall
wooden shield
Dřevěný štít, závěsný objekt, požerky na větvích jasanu a mořený jírovec
a piece of art made out of wood with a bird on it's back
Muzika - kytara
dřevěný obraz, skládané dřevo
a piece of wood that has been cut in half on top of blue and white paper
Shores Břehy
Dřevěný obraz, kombinovaná technika, papír, dřevo topol a nádor na dubu
a piece of wood that has been made into a wall hanging on the side of a brick wall
Pro Julii, růžový palouček
dřevěný obraz
a piece of art made out of wood and tile with an image of a woman's head in the center
Behind the mirror Za zrcadlem
Objekt - obraz, skládané dřevo, první verze