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an alligator is sitting on the ground surrounded by small birds and other animals that are walking around
(since I didn't have this particular family in this board, I felt this pic should be here, so... welcome family)
an alligator is laying on the ground with its mouth open
Saltwater Crocodile
three frogs sitting on top of each other
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a small lizard sitting on top of someone's lap with its mouth wide open
"Yea, a little to the left...right there--that's the spot ...awww!"The cutest?... for the moment...!!!. ♔Life, likes and style of Creole-Belle ♥
a large alligator is being lifted by a tractor
15-foot alligator caught eating cattle is killed in Okeechobee, Florida
Lee Lightsey, the owner of Outwest Farms in Okeechobee, and guide Blake Godwin were hunting over the weekend when they discovered the gator in one of their cattle ponds.
two alligators resting on the ground with their mouths open
an alligator sitting on top of another alligator in the water
Giving baby the heads up: Little alligator grins from ear-to-ear as he gets a ride down the river on his mother's head
Bonding: The wonderful moment between mother and son was captured by photographer Clayton Bownds
an alligator that is laying down in the water
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Pearl The Albino Alligator | Gif Finder – Find and Share funny animated gifs
an alligator is swimming in the water
Alligator taking a mud bath.. (by Karla_S on Flickr)
an alligator is swimming in the water
Alligator Crocodile Power Animal Symbol Of Primal Energies Survival
The Alligator/Crocodile has inhabited earth for millions of years. They bare the unstoppable, untameable creative forces of All That Is, the force and fury of primal energies. They symbolise creation and destruction and are the keepers and protectors of all ancient wisdom. When one of these creatures enters your life, look for an opportunity to touch very primal energies. There will be an opportunity for new knowledge and wisdom.
a yellow butterfly sitting on top of an alligator's head
nature's delicate balance: butterfly on crocodile mouth!
a large alligator is in the water while people look on from a boat with it's mouth open
Yeah, just take a picture.
Yeah #alligators / #crocodiles really shouldn't be allowed to grow this big. #TERRIFYING.
a white egret standing on top of an alligator in the water
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
"Thank you for choosing croc express for all your travel needs. Please keep legs and wings on my back until I make a complete stop."
the eye of an alligator's head is reflected in it's green eyes
"Eye of the Crocodile [iPad / Phone cases / Prints / Decor]" iPad Case & Skin for Sale by Didi Bingham
Very green Alligator. I have no idea why I consider this picture for "art nouveau in nature", but I guess its the softness of the lines and the iridescence of the rounded shapes