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Some things I believe to be true:  Bill 137% bragged about how he got his hands on the rift at some point. Ford would not be the first to bring this up, because obviously what happened afterward is more important and he’s already working to fix his own mistakes that contributed to the issue, so obviously it’s better for everyone to move on the way they are now than to dredge up something that unpleasant all over again just for an arbitrary sense of closure. Mabel doesn’t work that way.

Some things I believe to be true: Bill bragged about how he got his hands…

Gravity Falls

in a twist of events, Ford is actually sleeping instead of being slept on the kids convinced Ford to watch a movie with them and Stan and they all fell asleep watching it (notice how Stan is touching.

monster falls (this is a scene from the show just in monster form)..I'm in love! <3

mistrel-fox: “ I can’t believe I’m posting Monsterfalls-related stuff just now, although I started to do sketches for this AU back in September :D talk about procrastination… one of the reasons I love this AU is because it’s much easier for me to.