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Dimension 1200es Series 3D Printers ($24,900) #3Dprinter #FDM

Packaged to perfection, the Dimension Elite Print Pack is all about the details.

Mataerial Introduction by Mataerial. #3dprinter #3dprinting

Mataerial - Petr Novikov, Saša Jokić et Joris Laarman Studio,l’Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

The Arcam Q10 is the new generation EBM machine designed for industrial production of #orthopedic #implants. It is specifically designed to meet the implant industry’s need for high productivity, high resolution, ease-of-use and quality control.  Arcam Q10 replaces the Arcam A1 system and has several new features, including an all-new EB gun which allows for both higher productivity and improved resolution.  It also includes Arcam LayerQam™, our new camera-based monitoring system for inline…

Arcam’s EBM Printer Answers the Need for Customized Metal Implants

M-Flex ExOne 3D Printer- ExOne Teams with rp+m to 3D Print Tungsten

New printing system for complex metal shapes from powders – it will be really interesting to see where printing goes in the next years…


Discover all the information about the product Plastic printer / / large-format Xede - Envisiontec and find where you can buy it.

Wax. 3ders.org - Solidscape launches high precision fully automated 3Z Pro 3D printer | 3D Printing news. With a price tag of $45,650 USD

Solidscape, manufacturer of high precision printers, a Stratasys company, announces the launch of the high precision wax printer.

Rapidshape S60 #3Dprinter for jewelry

Rapidshape for jewelry

SLM® 500 HL  Selective Laser Melting System 500 HL provides a build chamber of 500 x 280 x 325 cmm and a unique double beam technology. Each of the two fi bre lasers (400 +1000W) operate on the powder bed by a 3D scanning unit. Two of these units are working at the same time. #3Dprinter

metal printer maker SLM Solutions hires bankers to plot IPO

Objet Connex500™ - The World's First Multi-Material 3D Printing System

The Objet Connex 500 is Objet’s pioneering multi-material printer. Featuring a large build tray size of 500 x 400 x it enables designers and engineers to rapidly build prototypes to simulate their intended end-product closer than any other technology.

3D Systems -- ProJet x60 series of full color 3D printers (formerly ZCorp) #3Dprinter

Systems -- ProJet series of full color printers (formerly ZCorp)

Fortus 900mc - Designed and manufactured for the highest accuracy and repeatability, the 900mc speeds up conceptual modeling and functional prototyping while allowing for multiple iterations. The Fortus 900mc 3D Production System also has our highest throughput and envelope volume, making it appropriate for fabrication and assembly tools, as well as end-use parts. #3Dprinter

Stratasys Printing and Additive Manufacturing: United Launch Alliance Atlas V Rocket was Launched with New Printed Parts + Substantial Cost & Time Benefits.

EOSINT M 280  Price Unknown  Prints metal products by laser sintering #lasersintering

EOSINT M 280 Price Unknown Prints metal products by laser sintering