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Perhaps you'd prefer to make your own cloak? Here's how. Thanks, eqos! Instructions for Gored Cloak by ~eqos on deviantART

Gored cloak pattern-- BUT it takes 3 yards for a half circle, so 6 for a full circle, but I can do a full circle from 8 yards with MUCH less work, so I don't think this is worth it for the fabric savings.>>>> I really want a cloak.

Um, I wouldn't consider country rap a two word horror story. Tim McGraw and Nelly's "Over and Over Again," was actually a good song!>>Nope, this definitely qualifies as a true two word horror story.

“Come, Anakin!”

In prep for our upcoming Holy Grail episode, I found this very comical Star Wars / Monty Python and the Holy Grail mash up by Gigatoast.