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Nimbadon weighed about the same as a human and lived Australia's rainforest 15 million years ago (Source: Peter Schouten).  A prehistoric Koala.

Nimbadon by Peter Schouten. The long-extinct Nimbadon was the largest arboreal marsupial herbivore ever to have lived and it was well suited to life in the treetops.

This family of strange, mysterious theropods was notable for their long necks and their large claws. However, unlike most other theropods, they were herbivores (or at least primarily). Some of them may have had feathers. The genus that the family is named after, Therizinosaurus, is actually only known from a few fossils, but its claws were quite large, likely reaching a meter in length

Scientists have announced the discovery of a giant dinosaur in Utah USA . The fossil skeleton belonged to Nothronychus graffami, which stood 13 feet tall and had claws nine inches long!

World’s Tiniest Horse is Sickeningly Cute-What's not to love about a horse smaller than a dog? Particularly when that horse is the tiniest one in the world and is cheering up kids at a children’s hospital. Et voilà, your daily dose of cute: click on link for video of horse visiting sick kids

Thumbelina is a dwarf miniature horse, and officially received the title of world's smallest horse from the Guinness Book of World REcords. She's stands only 17 inches tall and weights a mere 57 pounds.