Kristyna Novakova

Kristyna Novakova

Kristyna Novakova
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Buttery and full of vanilla flavor. This is my go-to vanilla cake recipe for layered cakes - much better than the artificial-vanilla boxed variety.

Made from scratch basic Vanilla Cake – buttery, tender, and full of vanilla flavor! The moist and fluffy texture makes it a great base cake for all occasion.

Causes of blood in the urine (haematuria) — artibiotics

A medically illustrated breakdown of the causes of haematuria (blood in the urine), by Dr Ciléin Kearns (artibiotics). Part of my ongoing 'medical mentalism' series, on the art of health deduction.

Terra Cotta Pot Christmas Tree - Kid Craft - Glued To My Crafts

Whether you make these creative pieces with your child this Christmas season OR you rather keep it as an adult-only craft {I won't tell!} this DIY activity is super easy, really inexpensive and sure to be a crowd pleaser too!