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A punsch roll is a Swedish pastry made from cookie crumbs, butter, and cacao that are rolled in a layer of green marzipan, then dipped in chocolate.

Raw Strawberry Roulade | Simple & Light Desserts: 40+ Low-Fat Raw Vegan Recipes #801010 #glutenfree #paleo

I have always loved strawberry roulade, so naturally I had to make a raw version of it. It needs a little bit more time, but it pays off, believe me. I have never eaten a strawberry roulade as good as this one!

The Benefits of Fermentation: The New {Oldest} Way to Enjoy Your Food |

If you're looking for ways to boost your gut health and immune system, try adding fermented foods to your diet. It's an easy and economical way to preserve and enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables all year long and the health benefits are incredible!