Celozrnné Chia Palačinky: Budete překvapeni, jak světla a nadýchaný tyto lívance jsou vyrobené zcela z celozrnné mouky a nutričně posílen s Chia semen!

Thai Chickpea Almond Curry

Whole-Grain Chia Pancakes: Pinner says: You will be surprised how light and fluffy these pancakes are, made completely from whole-grain flours and nutritionally boosted with chia seeds!

Chia semínka

Chia-Almond Pudding: super easy, flavorful, and healthy! Just soak chia seeds in liquid and they turn tender and gelatinous (like the pearls in pearl milk tea).

Chia semienka - Nabuďte správne svoj organizmus

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