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Complete terraces, terrace furniture, terrace decks, patio and other balcony set made from repurposed pallets. More inspiration here…
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a wooden deck surrounded by flowers next to a trailer with a fence in the background
Pallet Combo: Bench + Planter + Terrace • 1001 Pallets
Here is the front of my mobilhome, made 100% from pallets! Devanture de mobil home avec bac a fleur et banc jardinière . le tout 100% bois de palettes démontées et rassemblés. #Garden, #PalletLounge, #PalletLoungeSet, #PalletPlanters, #RecyclingWoodPallets #LoungesGardenSets, #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
a white table and bench on top of a green carpeted roof with lights hanging from the ceiling
From Greece With Love (Part 2) • 1001 Pallets
This is the roof of our house. All are handmade by me and my wife! I liked the idea of using pallets, and I created a new place in my house. #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
two pictures of different types of outdoor furniture made out of pallets and wooden crates
Outdoor Pallet Lounge • 1001 Pallets
A perfect solution for my deck area. Pallets used for a sofa, bench, two small coffee tables, one large coffee table and a corner unit (for a bit of privacy). The table in the corner, between the sofa and bench has a hinged top that can be lifted up to convert the seat into a … Read More » #PalletFurniture, #RecyclingWoodPallets #LoungesGardenSets, #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
the process of building an outdoor seating area
Complete Pallet Terrace • 1001 Pallets
I did not count exactly how many disassembled pallets I’ve used to made this terrace (between 30 and 40). For the deck alone, I used 12 entire repurposed pallets. It costed me 50 €/$, and 1.5 months of work. #Garden, #PalletDeck, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
a table and chairs on top of a deck at night with curtains over the tables
From Greece With Love • 1001 Pallets
I send you and other photos from my new place on my roof. #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
several pictures of different types of furniture made out of pallets
Winter Garden Made from Repurposed Pallets • 1001 Pallets
This beautiful Winter Garden Made from Repurposed Pallets is made from the smaller, Euro pallets. The cool and frosty colors make you shiver, even in the sun! Our Winter Garden Made from Repurposed Pallets- the sofas: I made each of these little sofas out of four pallets each. First, we split four pallets in half lengthwise. … Read More » #Garden, #PalletLounge, #RecyclingWoodPallets #LoungesGardenSets, #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
two pictures of a wooden deck with potted plants
Pallets Terrace • 1001 Pallets
Garden terrace with BBQ entirely made out of recycled pallets. Terrasse de jardin avec barbecue. #Bbq, #Outdoor, #PalletDeck, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletFloorsDecks, #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
several pictures of different plants growing on the side of a fenced in garden area
Modern Pallet Terrace • 1001 Pallets
Great project for this pallet garden made with white pallets. I’m surprised how contemporary it finally looks! #Design, #Garden, #RecyclingWoodPallets, #White #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
a patio covered in plants and potted plants
Pergola Addition to Our Pallet Lounge Set • 1001 Pallets
Last year, we’d completed our pallet lounge set with an integrated garden box. But we weren’t done! We’ve finally completed our Pergola Addition to our Pallet Lounge Set. About our Pergola Addition to our Pallet Lounge Set: Although we’d finished our Pallet Lounge Set, we didn’t have time to varnish it all. Plus, we wanted … Read More » #Garden, #PalletFurniture, #PalletGardenSet, #PalletLounge, #RecyclingWoodPallets #LoungesGardenSets, #PalletTer
a wooden bench sitting next to a table on top of a brick floored patio
Terrace Pallet Bench & Table • 1001 Pallets
Couch and table made of recycled pallets for my terrace. #PalletBenches, #PalletTable, #RecyclingWoodPallets #LoungesGardenSets, #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
two pictures of the same outdoor furniture with different colors and sizes, one is white and the other has blue and red pillows
My Pallets Terrace • 1001 Pallets
My little corner was done with recycled pallets on my terrace. Pallets deck and pallets garden sofa – Portugal. #PalletDeck, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletSofasCouches, #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
two wicker chairs sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a table and chair
Pallets Flooring in the Garden • 1001 Pallets
Have a nice little corner of your garden that you’d love to sit in, but there’s nowhere for chairs? Then make this Pallets Flooring in the Garden. You’ll only need about 4 pallets and a little free time to do some leveling. Pallets Flooring: I created this Pallets Flooring very quickly. I leveled the ground, and … Read More » #Garden, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletFloorsDecks, #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
a room with pink walls and white furniture on the top floor is shown in this image
Pink Pallet Terrace • 1001 Pallets
Another example of pallet installation for a terrace! This one comes from Croatia and was made by Dragana Kuzmić. #PalletTable, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
the patio deck out of 25 woodin pallets is now available for $ 75
Patio Deck Out Of 25 Wooden Pallets • 1001 Pallets
Here’s a terrific idea for a gorgeous-looking pallet patio deck on the cheap. It only used around 25 pallets, and I only had to spend about 40 bucks for supplies. First, I used eight pallets for this pallet deck base and arranged them around a brick fire pit and walkway we already put in a … Read More » #Garden, #Outdoor, #PalletDeck, #Patio, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletFloorsDecks, #PalletTerracesPalletPatios
an outdoor bbq grill sitting on top of a wooden deck in front of some bushes
Bbq Platform Made Out Of Pallets • 1001 Pallets
Small pallet platform I made for my BBQ in my zen corner. #Bbq, #Garden, #PalletDeck, #RecyclingWoodPallets #PalletTerracesPalletPatios