Created by South Korean designer Jeabyun Yeon, the gadget has two arms which branch out to the side and function as gills.

Gadget that turns you into a FISH: Triton extracts oxygen from water

Must-have in the coming Waterworld: Gadget that turns you into a FISH: Triton extracts oxygen from water

Really fascinating research about the importance of struggle and its effect on the brain. Worth the read! "The Learning Myth: Why I'll Never Tell My Son He's Smart" Khan Academy

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It sounds so impossible but there is a fast and effective way to lose your weight that is very easy. Without any diet, hard exercise or spending money, Japanese physician Fukutsudzi helps women to loose weight as soon as possible.

The Top 25 Hotels In The World, According To Travelers

Stay in the Gili Lankanfushi, a luxury bungalow retreat in the Maldives that implements a strict “no news, no shoes” policy.

Here’s How Chat Apps Are Becoming As Important As Social Media For Brands

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Now that your mobile application has been developed and tested, it has a wonderful user interface and perfectly runs its features, it is almost ready for submittal to the corresponding application store.


Apple Just Raised The Price Of Apps In Europe: Here's How Much They're Going To Cost You

In response to economic concerns, Apple has hiked app prices in its App Store.

A streamlined Interface

A streamlined Interface

VOOL: Animated Movie M...

I like how this design transforms the video camera into an owl. Im not sure what a video camera has to do with an owl but the target audience is very evident. I would change the background to orange because i think the yellow is to harsh

5 Ways to Get More Downloads for your Mobile Application By Avi Hein 5. Google Adwords – Google Adwords lets you pay for downloads. Using their Mobile App Installs, you can bid for app installs. It...

13 Value-Packed Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs - Maximize your commute and absorb lessons from experts on shows as short as five minutes.

2014-07-22 social messaging app comparison

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